The Green Fields

We are sorry we won’t be seeing you this year but we all looking forward to giving you and extra special celebratory Green Fields next time.

In the meanwhile our lovely world is in respite and we have been given the time to ponder and reflect on the changes we can make to help create a more wholesome way of life for all and everything.

Liz, Toby and all the Green Field team are waiting to get started. In the meanwhile stay safe and look after each other.


For a reminder of 2019’s events, read below…

Never before has the message from the Green Fields been more pressing. Now is the time to shout out our message louder than ever. The time for action to reduce global warming and become carbon neutral is now, the consequences of non-action are too great. Let’s unite, stronger than ever.

Here in the Green Fields we share love and knowledge, educate and communicate, raise awareness of climate change and campaign for ways of living that will help combat the catastrophic effect that our carbon emissions are having on the planet. We combine demonstration and activism with a massive party to celebrate life on Earth, focusing on saving the planet and the many species that are disappearing at such an alarming rate.

We re-ignite a sense of hope and purpose, sharing knowledge in order that we, as individuals, can react to the climate emergency practically, with understanding and determination rather than fear and anger.

This year to help us with our message the Wisdom Keepers, spiritual leaders from across the Globe, will gather in the Tipi Field to share their knowledge. Allowing us to reconnect with traditional, compassionate and spiritual values.

Extinction Rebellion join us at the Speakers Forum (Green Futures) to share why and how to organise and come together in peaceful, civil disobedience. Radical social change maybe uncomfortable but it is necessary.

Join the drummers and singers in the Kings Meadow and strengthen the heart of the Sacred Space and the Stone Circle. Call on the elements to pull together to strengthen our hearts at the opening ceremonies.

Take a look at the individual line ups for our Green Fields, there are great bands in Croissant Neuf, great Healers in the Healing Field, great ideas for responsible and sustainable living in Green Futures and Permaculture, great skills to be learned in the Green Craft Field, great peace to be found in the Peace Garden and Peace Dome and great ideas for kids in the Green Kids Field.

On Thursday 27th June at 4pm you are all invited to gather at The Park to join The Extinction Procession which will march to the Sacred Space where we will create the largest human hourglass sign of all time. Keep an eye on social media and the Glastonbury website for further information.

Peace and Love to you all from the Green Fields

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