Read below for a recap of what happened at Glastonbury 2019…

As an umbrella for radically subversive music and art, the Unfairground repurposes both ideas and salvaged material, highlighting the unethical cycle of consumerism, wastefulness and the unfairness in society.

Presenting collisions of big top music venues, warped fairground side shows and iconic sculptural madness, the Unfairground is honoured to be part of the greatest show on Earth.

Turn on, tune in, drop out 1966-2019

The struggle for liberty will be highlighted by the Unfairground in 2019 with “Refugee on the Dance-floor”, a curated line up of music with a message, over the evening of Saturday 29th June.

Migration is as old as the planet itself and movement for survival recognises no boarders. Asian Dub Foundation pa, rapper & activist Lowkey, Scottish protest singer Rory McLeod and underground Irish rappers Captain Moonlight fill the bill..

Refugee On The Dancefloor runs from 6pm-11.30pm on Saturday 29th June

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