Worthy View Disabled Information

There are no separate disabled weekend tickets. Anyone wanting to stay at Worthy View must have secured a ticket in one of the recent sales.

Pedestrian access from the Festival site to “Worthy View” is via a footpath with steps at a steep gradient which is not suitable for wheelchairs, perambulators or child buggies.

If you have mobility concerns, then staying in Worthy View may result in limited access to the Festival.

There will be a wheelchair accessible toilet/shower available at Worthy View, however advanced facilities (power/ medicine storage/ wheelchair power) are not possible on this site.

Disabled Festival-goers who wish to book accommodation at “Worthy View” could drive daily to and from “Worthy View” to the disabled car park where they could then get a shuttle onto the site. There is however not any sort of shuttle/ transport available directly from Worthy View onto the festival site.

For information on all the access facilities available at the festival please contact the Access Team on disabledenquiries@glastonburyfestivals.co.uk or refer to the Disabled Information page on the festival website.

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