2019 ACCESS Q&As

I am registered disabled and want to know what the Festival will do to help me?
Registration for the access facilities has now closed. If due to your disability it is essential that you have access to these facilities, you will need to contact the access team to see if they can help. Please note the Access Facilities are for customers with permanent disabilities only.


I need a PA in order to be able come to the Festival, but the website says that I have missed the deadline to apply for one. What can I do?
The Festival has now completely sold out, so it is not possible for us to issue anymore PA tickets.


I’m on lots of different medication that I need to bring into the Festival with me. I’m worried that security will to take it all off me when I come through the gates. How can I stop this happening? Also, will there be a safe place to store them?
Please click here to refer to the Festival’s prescribed medicines policy.


How far away is the disabled car park from the accessible campsite?
The disabled car park is approximately 1000m from the accessible campsite. Customers wanting to park in the disabled car park must pre-register with the access team to do this.


I’m camping in Springround but can’t physically carry my bags any distance due to my disability, will there be any help on hand?
A wheelchair accessible shuttle bus will be running from the disabled car park to the accessible campsite for customers that have registered for this provision.


What size tent can I bring to Springround?
Space in the accessible campsite is limited. We ask that customers are considerate when deciding what size tent to bring and that accompanying friends/family do not bring oversized tents.


What time is best to arrive if we want to avoid having to queue for a long time? I can’t stand for any amount of time due to my disability.
Wednesday is a very busy arrival day onsite. Thursday is often a quieter day with far shorter queues.


I have bought a campervan pass to stay in the East/West campervan field, how will I get hold of my access wristband to be able to go on the viewing platform?
The Access Team should have sent you this information already. If you haven’t received this, please contact them directly to query.


I need electricity whilst camping due to a medical condition, is this possible?
It is now too late to request a power hook-up. If you have a medical device that needs to be charged this can be done at any of the property lock-ups.


I applied to be able to use the viewing platforms but don’t want to get separated from my mates, can they come on the platform too?
Customers that have registered to have access to the viewing platforms can have 1 accompanying person with them.


I am epileptic and suffer from seizures, how will I know when strobe lights are going to be used?
Strobe lighting will be used throughout the Festival site. I’m afraid it is not possible for us to give specific details on where and when this will occur.


I’m allergic to dairy, can I bring my own food to the Festival so that I know that there isn’t a risk of contamination?
Customers can bring their own food for personal consumption. Please note glass is not permitted onsite.


Can I leave the site if I need to and still get back into the Festival?
Customers can of course come and go as they need to at the Festival.


I suffer from mental health problems and need to have my therapy animal with me if I go into a panic, can I bring it with me?
Registered assistance dogs can be brought to the Festival, but it is essential that you register this requirement with the Access Team in advance of the Festival.


I can get very overwhelmed in crowed places, where can I go if it all gets too much?
The Green Fields and the Stone Circle are lovely chilled places for Festival-goers to spend time in. There are also welfare facilities available onsite. Please click here to refer to the Festivals welfare information page.


I applied for a PA ticket, but it hasn’t arrived yet, what should I do?
PA tickets are not sent out. You and your PA will need to collect this onsite. Details on where to go will have been sent to you by the Access Team.


I recently broke my ankle so will need disabled parking and access to the viewing platforms whilst at the Festival.
Due to the high demand already on the access facilities we are not able to offer these to customers with temporary injuries/conditions.


I have mobility issues, is there anyone who can help me pitch my tent?
If you have registered to stay in the accessible campsite, there will be stewards to assist you with putting up your tent.


Can I hire a wheelchair whilst onsite?
The company onsite that hires out wheelchairs has now sold out.

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