Nurses' tickets

The annual League of Friends fete was held at St. Paul’s School on Saturday the 21st of July, 2018. Michael Eavis, who opened the event, spoke about the Doctors and Nurses who had recently retired and thanked them for their timeless work, not forgetting the last generation of doctors who had also taken care of the community for the last 100 years or so.

Now to the present-day crisis that we’re facing locally: the lack of nurses coming on stream, which led to the temporary closure of St. Peters Hospital this year – thankfully now reopened. Mr. Eavis said he had spoken to the chairman of the trust that runs all our hospitals locally, and he said the real problem was a lack of nurses being trained now.

So, Michael suggested in order to attract more nurses to enter training colleges he would offer up to 500 free Glastonbury 2019 tickets available for local NHS nurses.

This offer is open to students living in the Mendip area who have enrolled in a nursing course this year. Then, by the end of April next year (2019), he can get a good idea of how many people have been accepted for a training programme by the NHS and will qualify for a free ticket. Michael very much hopes that this incentive will produce more nurses in Somerset!

23/8/18 UPDATE: Having received lots of interest in the offer of free tickets for student nurses, we have put our heads together with Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust to make sure that our application process is inclusive, and does not drain resources from elsewhere in an already strained system.

It is also tremendously important that this offer meets our objective of helping to solve staff shortages in Mendip hospitals, in the short, medium and long term future, therefore how you apply for this offer will depend on the stage you are at in your nursing training:

·  If you have already qualified or are qualifying in the immediate future, please contact the Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, for details of their current vacancies in Mendip hospitals. In order to achieve our first goal, of solving the existing staffing shortage, we will be offering a free ticket to each nurse who fills one of the Trust’s current full time vacancies.

· If you are a Mendip resident currently enrolled in a nursing degree, or equivalent training to become a nurse, we want to help motivate you to complete your training, so that once you have qualified you can take up a role within one of Mendip’s hospitals, and prevent staff shortages recurring in the medium term. For more information please contact

· If you are a Mendip resident, considering a career in nursing, we want to help motivate you on your journey to qualifying, and working in our local hospitals, to secure the long term future of our NHS. In order to apply for a free ticket, you will first need to apply to study nursing, via the UCAS application system, by the UCAS closing date of 15th January. The team at Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust can provide you with more information about getting into nursing, and how to submit your nursing application. Once you have a confirmed place you will then be eligible to apply for a free ticket for the Festival, by submitting a copy of your UCAS acceptance confirmation to

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